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The purpose of homework is to:

  • Reinforce learning from the school day
  • Increase student responsibility
  • Provide communication to parents

It is the teacher's responsibility to ensure that homework assignments are:

  • Meaningful and relevant
  • Clearly communicated
  • Differentiated
  • Consistent amongst the grade level

Parent Involvement
Parents can help, by checking the child's agenda and homework folder daily for assignments and notes from the teacher. Additionally, parents can help by providing a distraction-free environment.

We encourage parents to avoid the temptation to do their children's homework and produce error-free products. This does not contribute to a child's learning; in fact, it often gives teachers an inaccurate assessment of children's learning. If a child experiences difficulty in a homework assignment, it is much wiser for the parent to inform the teacher that more instructional support may be necessary.

Homework will generally be assigned Monday through Thursday evenings with Friday homework being an option for the classroom teacher. Each of the first through fifth grade level teams has established a consistent homework pattern that includes these components:

  • Language/Sentence Sense Activity
  • Mathematics
  • Reading/Independent Reading
  • Words Their Way Spelling/Phonics Activity

When teachers assign long-range projects, it is strongly recommended that a letter goes homes to the parent(s)/guardian(s) explaining the project, a due date, and strategies for parents to use to improve their child's learning.

We recognize that a child absent from school misses more than the reading and writing assignments completed during the day. It is expected that the student will make up as much of the work as possible. As in all school work, the assignment needs to be done within a reasonable time after the student to school. If an emergency arises and the student cannot complete an assignment, the parent/guardian is expected to send a note to the classroom teacher.

click here for the Homework Guidelines Agreement