Homework Highlights Page


In 2nd grade, we expect our students to make it their goal to read every day. We are trying to develop reading for enjoyment in order to help students become life-long readers.

Your child will be responsible for reading a little bit each day at home during the 7 day week.

2nd graders may read:

  • a balance of fiction and non-fiction books
  • stories on an electronic device
  • newspapers
  • magazines

Math HW

Math homework will be given Monday through Thursday. Each assignment will be due the next day. Homework assignments may be a worksheet or a page from the students math workbook.

Students should be able to complete the math homework independently as this is reinforcement from the the day's lesson.

If you find that the homework is at all too difficult, we ask that you stop and jot a note at the top of the homework page. 

Math Enrichment

 Basic Math Facts